Monday, July 8, 2013

#Khizanat #puisitepijalan #fynnjamal

peace be upon you.

okay first i really don't want to post anything about this right now, kinda late btw plus i got paper tomorrow,  but since its still fresh, im gonna do this.

hey guys, so i don't know, if you actually have been to khizanat (already posted about the place before) but this weekend as in today, there is this one special event called #puisitepijalan by Fynn jamal.

hell are you crazy. we're talking about Fynn Jamal ladies and gentlemen. argh !! im longing to meet her for about like five years. yes, indeed. yeah. for that freaking FIVE YEARS of hoping to meet her someday that i'm actually so idiot that i took the stupidest decision to not attend the event. i am an idiot!!

okay fine. i won't call myself as an idiot but ah freak. disappointed. thing is i got final paper tomorrow, which is gonna be the last paper for my semester two. so yeah. pity right? why 7th July kak fynn why ?? seriously.

tsk. anyway, i know, ada jodoh tak kemana, mesti jumpa punya kan? so hmm, i've made a wish to my besty Cahaya aka Ivyikari to actually get kak Fynn's signature and actually write my name and she did !

as a prove;

i know, right ? i know, right? i know,right ??

i couldn't say anything else other than the fact that i'm crying on that moment. i mean. i'm just happy. total happiness. even if i didn't make it to see her face to face but still. can you imagine if i have the chance to actually meet her? wohooooooo like, okay, freak shaika. am i crazy now? haha

pardon me. *ehem*

not gonna lie. a bit envy to aya as she had the chance to actually meet Fynn Jamal and ergh just look at this pictures.

This is for you aya; i hate you aya but at the same time i love you for the signature. muah muah :*

THIS !!!


and that boy Juna !! ARGHHHHHHHHHH  

guess i really need to take a deep breath now. haha. okay pardon me. pardon me. but really i swear i will hunt her down (this is not a threat) and hug kak Fynn for real. i dare  to say this. i am a huge fan really. aya told me that the event was 'full house'. and kak Fynn cried while singing a song dedicated to his father. oh god, that is the reason why i love her. the sincerity when she conveys the song. in anything, the poet included. 

how i wish i can feel that moment. tsk. i really hope that someday its gonna be my turn. fingers cross. 

'who the hell is Fynn Jamal?' DO YOUR RESEARCH LAZY ASS. 

anyway, i'm done :) 

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