Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I survived first year ! Its holiday time XD

peace be upon you. hey hey hey hey hey hey XD

okay the mood must be parallel with how im gonna write here. before that,

*breath in*
*breath out*


yes you read that. so today is the last paper for my first year of  Bachelor of Degree in Marketing course. sangat lega cause at last im done with this exam paper and all. i've been longing to have this moment for a month and now its time for me to have a break for just about anything. heh

even before the final start, i've been too busy with all those assignments berlipat kali ganda punya banyak this semester compare to the first semester. have to do that just by my own self and yes it pays off since all of my carry marks are all high. alhamdulillah, 


it feels so great that i can do everything i want without having to think about the thought that always bother me to actually hey baca buku esok paper and stuff banyak tak cover that kinda thought. no i don't have to think about that actually. gah! HEAVEN!

my favorite moment is when i actually able to tug in headphone with maximum volume and able to actually rest on my bed, lay down lazily and nothing to bear thinking on my head. that is just pleasant! blazing my favorite music all day long. ah! total happiness. 

well, at least that's what i want. 

oh yeah or even reading my favorite novels. by Jodi Picoult of course.

i've actually planned a lot of things to do this semester break that is about like two months. yes, indeed, a very good time for a break. full month Ramadhan at home and full month raya with family. how heaven is that? how can i not be that excited? now tell me.  list of things that i actually have planned was;

1. learn guitar. i wanna learn how to do plucking and to read key notes. sometimes there are certain of it that require me a little basic knowledge to actually come up with the fingers position on the fret board. kinda hard cause im not really good playing with 4 fingers especially my pinky. gah! i will kill mine this holiday. 

i won't stop until i get what i want. 

i actually don't have any problem at all to play barred chords. yeay! sometimes yup a little mistake happens. 

2. thought i've shared with you guys about wanting to actually improve my grammar. i intended to buy a book that i can actually use to make incentive exercise regarding my problem on that. actually kinda embarrassed to share this but hell, i think its normal since dude i wasn't born genius. so yeah. 

gonna read a lot of books that i've bought but don't have that much time to read so yeah its the right time!

currently i'm reading this; 

rarely buy this kinda of book since its too light to read but i get attracted since as you can see down there it wrote ; in real life, nothing is ever that simple. by that, i grabbed this book and purchased it. yay! the book is about fractured family and a girl who doesn't believe in love and somehow i can relate myself into it? haha

3. make youtube videos. okay, honest moment. i don't really like to show off my face on youtube by doing some sort of silly videos but actually in a way of improving myself in talking to public which i don't have any problem with that, and i actually learn a lot about computer by learning how to extreme edit the video. by extreme is that i use Sony Vegas Pro 10 and yeah the software is a bit complicated but it does comes in handy when it involve certain effect that i want. 

plus, editing video is fun and actually addictive. yup, there, i've said it. 

4. movies alone. im not a loner eventhough sometimes i'll be alone but i never feel lonely. somehow, yes that's differ me from another ranger, thought without having that special someone they can't survive the world. wth! low minded. like literally how that video of first week of couple. sigh. kids nowadays. so yeah going to the movie alone give me some space that i can actually enjoy doing so and without having to deal such fuss when i go with friends. i actually can do all those things that i love doing alone. i prefer that way actually. 

example; when i'm at bookstore. i don't know if it makes sense to you but i love to smell new books. that fragrance it has on each one of it, just gah pleasure! its kinda addictive for me. LOL and yes i would spend a lot of time on bookstore and if i go with friends it will definitely no fun since i have to rush and stuff. naah. not a choice.  

5. learn how to sew baju kurung. i guess its a must skill to have for every girl aite? my ibu teached me to always think five years ahead. and as for me, i do realized that now cost of living keep on increasing and i do know, one day, when i have family require me to have a lot of money. so, in case if i do know how to sew and basic things on how to sew i might as well reduce a little burden on the cost of purchasing new baju kurung or stuff like that. 

example of the event; if my daughter or son gets into university or college or even better example, during festive day, Raya, of course i can reduce the cost. one baju kurung at least will cost about RM100. its costly. 

i guess that's all i can think about. it will be first Ramadhan this 10th July and i just wanna wish all of the muslims out there, Happy Ramadhan, may you may achieve barakah in this month and yeah able to do complete solat terawih everyday. amin. 

thank you for reading :)

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