Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fabric dye + shoe + doodle = AWESOME!!

peace be upon you.

okay now, i wanna show you about my next project! that is doodle!! yay.

have you ever have such old shoes and hideous that you want to get rid of it but sayang? alolo. thats how i felt. sayang. sebab kasut ni tahan lasak. instead of me get rid of it , so i brand new it. with my conteng ayam punya ability to draw. ahah

so this is how the shoe look like at first. sangat lusuh. actually warna dia sangat merah. merah cili. but then that day bawak masuk gua tempurung terus lusuh. sigh.

AMARAN : air dalam gua tempurung berasid.

 mind the blue line. aku saja conteng dan aku MENYESAL ! turns out really hideous.

the preparation;

so since aku akan draw at the fabric, mind this ladies yang intend to do the same, jangan guna any normal paint instead, use fabric dye. the dye are actually specialized to be used on fabric so in case you wash it, it won't fade away. it will stay.

so, my first step is actually, aku akan dye the whole shoe in red back. and tada !!!! sudah merah balik wooooo

 warna dia tak semerah time baru beli but its okay. lets get to the next step. aku thought to do british flag since warna involve is red and blue but then i've changed my mind. cause its too mainstream. haha. anyway, aku warnakan the back of the shoe with blue to match the blue line in front of it.

and it looked like this

so now, what to do? since i intended to do the doodle, i google-ed for some examples and i found this!

terjatuh hati pula dengan gambar game console tu. so i draw my shoe with PAINT marker. okay another tips. make sure not to use normal marker pen cause if you do, when you wash it, the ink will fade and will smear all over the doodle. not nice.

at my paint marker it says it is for wood or metal. quite expensive for a marker pen cause it costed me for about RM7.00 i bought it actually for my guitar. ngeh ngeh, i definitely recommend you guys to look for thinner point than normal marker pen to get real nice doodle. the complex the doodle, the nicer. i have thick point so i just could do simple doodle but still !

so lets take a look at the side view. i love the left side even more. with that console doodle. the other pair just dooodle tak jadi so just like main taram lukis wholy but yeah i liked it tho.

whats with the screaming old bulat thing. if you see it closely, looks like this little kid being drag by people underneath. nampak tak tangan kat kepala the kid? eheh.

and the front view.

well, tara! im done. actually drawing kasut ni addictive ya know. i even asked my sister to take any shoes that she doesn't use anymore so that i can draw more. haha.

so yeah, this is my another project. i'm done and i liked it. if you intend to do one, make sure to use fabric dye okay. might get them at stationery shop. usually they have them. better find those at art shop cause you will have variety of color choices instead of just normal color.

kalau jumpa pastel color tolong bagitahu. dah lama cari! hehe

till then :)