Wednesday, July 17, 2013


peace be upon you.

hey people, wuddup? okay today just nak update my semester break project! yeay. leggo.

okay since i have deep interest on art, (diri ini tak lah berapa artsy sangat but who cares) aku plan on several projects to actually make a whole lot of drawings. sumpah lama gila tak pegang brushes wei. its so weird that i actually draw something back. thought on making doodle but then macam ergh looks bad.

my preparation ;

opkos few brushes , water color, paper block,  and other things that i think i might need it. oh mind the tag price. semua tu bukannya baru beli. dah lama it just jarang keluarkan nak guna. im one busy lady ogheh.

 anyhow, i've came up with different things to draw. reasons orang macam aku tak pandai nak draw still intend to draw is actually aku suka fill up blank wall with pictures since ayah dah tak bagi aku paste mag shit on the wall, aku changed the idea of mag shit into drawing. tapi kalau tu pun ayah nak koyakkan, argh, i dont know what choice to choose then. sigh.

so yeah, aku decided to draw portrait of nobody and scooter.

see how amateur i am? :3 anyway, to actually draw the shadow on the scooter kinda hard. lol anyhow, i enjoyed myself doing it. and plus, why is it so hard to actually draw nice structure of human face? sigh. more practice. more.

last look.

booooooooo me boooooooooooooooooooooo :(

well , another drawing waiting to be finished.

soon. till then people. 

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