Thursday, June 6, 2013

This girl. Mairak.

peace be upon you.

actually before this post aku ada banyak membel yang aku tak berapa suka dengan environment universiti aku cause its really dull. tak tipu. sangat dull !

since aku degree student, we aren't provided with such  interesting activities. only those involve talk and some dork stuff. i am actually a girl that really love some arts stuff as in theater (oh god i really want to join this) , singing , sports and such thing other than things that require me with books.

no, really i dont have any problem handling books (or else i wont be here tho) but yeah those activities actually keep me alive. i feel like im doing something in  my life tho. instead of me just with books and day by day cramp my brain thinking all of the subjects that i need to revise and spill during the exam day. no i am not into it.

so im actually looking for friends that actually satu kepala with me. can act like me and do some crazy shit together. yes imma bit rebellious and a bit naughty. really. i can do stuff without thinking but with some considerationla. takkan semua nak bantai macam tak ada agama kan ? haha

this week is actually a new intake kids of diploma for UiTM. i kinda excited but not that much since i know i wont have any juniors since im the junior for my course. soon there will be no business course here at UiTM Seri Iskandar tho. too bad.

its happen to be that one of my vlogger friend are going to be one of my uni mate which is super cool !
i know her from her video on youtube which she sang a lot of covers and she have quite lot of viewers actually. interesting, aite ?

oh and yeah. she is quite crazy for god sake !

her name is MAIRAK !!!!!

met her just now at the hall. she was actually on the program on DSI. thanks gegirl going out for awhile to meet me infront of the toilet !! hahahahaha tak romantik gila depan toilet !! kahkah XD

so here i share you one of her video. most of my friends love her cover and this is my favorite since i can hear her sincerity inside. well, enjoy this.

well anyway, i can sense something that i will be the bad influence for her. LOL LOL LOL . 

very happy we are going to study at the same place. 

watch out Youtube! soon you're going to see some shit!! 


oh anyway, do check out her youtube channel everyone ! till then people :)

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