Monday, June 24, 2013


peace be upon you.

apa ? apa ?

i think everyone knew that now on Malaysia got terrible haze problem due to open burning at Indonesia. aip aip there is no need to point out fingers now baby. chill. so its actually kinda distract me really since i have breathing problem, and plus, its disturb my sight cause im wearing lens and it does make my lens dry.

air no longer humid, its dry instead.

(teringat funny part when my housemate kelam kabut keluar bilik 
and tanya everyone why rumah berasap? LOL)

so, practically i drink a lot of water, if you noticed, the air smells bad. like someone burn the garbage outside. which really kills my desire to do just about anything. i cant run away. THAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM. its everywhere tho! headache i think is very common.

i reallyyyy hope that this haze wont disturb the day of my final cause really its cool actually if the university delay the date to some other time but knowing that the fact that if it is , the holiday gonna be extend to another date just not cool tho. i mean i want my holiday ! sigh. really hope it wont affect my final. really.

i started notice the haze at my area getting worst is when today i went to library for study group. its getting worst ! perak baru berapa je API. not yet like muar. oh i wonder how bad it was there.

well at the junction, saw this one chinese uncle, drive lorry with an open window (broken aircond i guess), pity actually cause he didnt wear any mask. dangerous lah. since i just get back from the UK (unit kesihatan) UiTM, with lots of mask taken, i gave him one of mine. i was on the car on that time actually.

at junction. time lampu merah. sempat pass mask lagi okeyh. muehehhe. it just that pity lah. i think that uncle need the mask the most you know.


oh ramai update facebook dengan gambar mask. KITA PUN NAK JUGAAAAA !! mueheehhe

oh childishnya saya,


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