Thursday, June 6, 2013


peace be upon you.

hey people. here again me babbling. so today i just wanna share a little something that i've been featured on my dua pupu's blog which seriously awesome thing ! the fact that the blog is interesting itself and keep on mesmerize me with every word, i suggest you guys to follow her up.

her name is Ulfa, and she is 18 years old and she is totally a bright student. having deep interest on architecture field and soon will be pursuing in that field. i pray for her success. amin.

so the blog that i will share is her blog that on the time she came in to my house yang tak seberapa hee but yeah she is very petite. its good to know that i actually have relatives as them. and oh same goes to Kak Farah, nabil and yana. weee

everyone is adorable.

anyway, the link shown that the moment here we spent in Kuala Kangsar, royal town place that im staying now. i really love all the pictures. high megapixels, super sharp and super neat. i would say that its a pleasure to my eyes. really. i love seeing scenery pictures.

kinda like food to my eyes tho.

remember the time that i want to take picture of everyone in the car, accidentally bumped the camera on the front mirror. my bad. really am sorry. hee

so here goes the link;

its not fair really if i didn't feature her on my blog aite? so here she is, *drum roll* ULFAA !!!! 

decent petite girl she is :)

oh on the blog she did mentioned that its her first time of wearing shawl. seriously? i wouldn't have guess that.  she look like wearing it since forever. i myself even i do have wear shawl for quite sometime still couldn't get it still in place which is annoying. thats why bawal is my choice now. faster and easier. hee. 

so , thats it for now. dont forget to read her blog and follow her up and yeah eh dah macam iklan dalam youtube channel aku dah kan. haha. 

have a nice day ahead ! :D

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  1. Omg omg omg im featured!!!
    Bunch of thanks sis!!

    Ive just followed u too, u have a really cool site btw! ;)))