Sunday, June 2, 2013

Learning the root.

peace be upon you .

ok mula mula aku nak membebel dulu.
ergh -.-

gambar atas menunjukkan muka garang yang ternyata garang. nampak tunggu kat depan tingkap tu? haaaa. apa maknanya? tunggu suami tak balik balik dari semalam ni. haaaaa. amboi kemain suami bagai.

ok dah. tak nak bebel panjang tapi aku akan bercerita sesuka hati aku mana yang aku terdaya nak cerita about what happened to my life recently ok. eheh. senyum sikit please, atototo

so semalam, my relatives from johore came in. today, we brought them to walk around Kuala Kangsar Royal Town. so since Kuala Kangsar are well known as a place full of royal thingy and historic building, first stop we went to the biggest and oldest rubber tree situated just next to the Ridhwaniah mosque.

i am a bad blogger so there will be no picture. tsk. sorry.

before we continue, here are some credits to my mum, who drove us today. wink !

next we went to the galeri sultan Azlan shah. this place is AWESOME !!!!

eh ? where is the A la?

for those who love to know well especially those who are perak-ian please do come here to learn the family root of our sultan. the gallery is packed with all the gifts , sultan's royal attire, his achievement, personal toiletteries, dime collection and sooooo many more. trust me. all of his belonging are very different than ours. everything just so luxurious and GOD i cant explain to you who read this on how rich our sultan is.

ticket price 

trust me. just by the look of his belonging, enough to say that he is different. well of course lah since he is the sultan but you know when you get in the gallery, there is some sensation of i dont know. maybe that is what we call it daulat? 

try to get into the place and experience the feeling. haha

anyway, have no picture at all in the gallery since it is prohibited. so here are some of the pictures outside of the gallery.

well you get some of the glimpse of the place aite? there are actually three spots for you to explore. my advice; explore all of them ! muehehhee. down here are a little gift for you . for the sake of your eyes. eh.
its a picture of the in front of the gallery itself.

kau tengok mak mak ni galak nau nangkap gambarnyaaaaaaa tsk.

tak apa. aku sedar aku hanya cameragirl. tsk. baca ayat butthurt aku, nyampah kan? muehehe kbye.

next we went to Istana Kuning that now turned to be Muzium diraja Perak. the castle actually are created for the sultan before the new castle are build. can be counted like temporary castle before they move to the new one.   too bad, on that time, we couldnt get in due to construction.

and then we straight to go to walk around the river which are known as Sungai perak or most familiar for us the residents ; lembah. well this is the place that i always hang out with friends before back in the high school. wee.

well people. at Kuala kangsar this is how the lembah look like. ok. get back to the next destination. i think its not complete if you come to Kuala kangsar WITHOUT going to the labu sayong factory. aite aite ? hehe.

dont know what is labu sayong ? really ah ? sheesh.

ok semua. lihatlah. model memperagakan labu sayong. that is the thing. tengok lama lama dan hadam. bukan muka aku tapi labu sayong tu.  and you can see down here is the mold for the shape of labu sayong and the mixer of the soil materials.

pretty sure most of you guys havent seen this thing so here babe, its ok. im here to save aall of you. muahahahhaa.

ya membajet bentuk acuan. yeay ! hahahahhambarhahahaha

so thats it for the day. banyak benda aku belajar dan banyak juga aku mengajar. orang kata berkongsi ilmu. kan ? itu je kot nak  share.

untuk keluarga acik Juhariah Johari, datang la Perak lagi ya :)

till then people :)

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