Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This kinda weird post.

Peace be upon you. 

hey guys. well, i don't know how to say but i feel something empty. macam ada something tak cukup in my life. im not feel contented as what i feel before. ok this is weird enough. so weird. 

im not trying to be ungrateful or whatsoever you guys thought , no im not. i just not happy. this life that i have now, is just a bless. aku sayang dengan life and apa yang aku ada now, but sometimes i just feel something is missing you know. 


this is first time i do feel like this. i need some changes though. what i have now is just not content me  anymore. i need something new. something to try. something that i can be occupied for a long time. well, really, i don't know what was it. 

as in now, im trying to figure what was it. i just have to. like i really have to. 

oh anyway, i thought wanna start to do a bucket list of 'wish before i die' which i will make a really small star made of fold rectangle paper and collect it in a cute jar. i do actually have a book which jot down every single wish that i want to do so badly before i die. 

like no matter what, i HAVE to do all of the list. 

just to share some, one of it is i want to see aurora with my own naked eyes. like do you guys know what is aurora? this is aurora. 

aurora is actually a natural light that happen in the high latitude which are at arctic and antarctic that caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in high altitude. and as what i read, it also involve some earth magnetic field. interesting. 

i know it sounds kind of impossible but hey someday insyaallah i will. just wish me.. oh no don't wish me any. i'll try very hard for this. 

the second list before i die , ok this one is pretty much extreme since most of people said im crazy for making this one of the list, is i wanna do backflip. like real perfect backflip. some people say this might be hard cause since im already 'old' as in im not flexible to do one anymore and most of them says its dangerous. might cause several break bone but hell i don't care. as long as i can do one, why not?

if i can do split in just one week of extreme training, why can't i do backflip right?

well, don't wanna share other things but for sure that is one of the list that i have. for now. now, i really need to figure what i need to make me feel content. hmm, well till then :)

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