Friday, November 9, 2012

Its life. Face it.

Peace be upon you.

hey how is it going everyone? have a great day today? hope you are. im good.

so there is this one evening, which i spent with my classmates consist of five people all together. we talked and gossip and stuff. normal thing for girls. we do talked about a lot of things. i mean A LOT. one of it is about my own class prep (ketua kelas) and about marriage. ok save that hot topic for the last part.

about our class prep. aku baru tau yang actually dia adalah seorang anak yatim piatu. ok i know you don't know this guy but hell let me introduce him to you guys. dia lelaki and ketua kelas aku. from kl and for me all i can see is that he is some sort of anak orang kaya lah jugak cause kalau korang jumpa him and observe him from head to toe, all of those attire are branded stuff. like obvious brand. can see it through his belt. shoes and all those edgy top.

for me this guy nampak macam every month dia dapat a whole lot of elaun from parent tau. but i was totally wrong. like total wrong. this guy is so different from what i thought. as what i listened, this guy actually anak yatim piatu, sulung and ada dua adik. both adik dijaga sedara and everytime balik rumah bercuti dia akan duk Damansara seorang sahaja. i mean, SEORANG sahaja.

that sadden me.

this guy is my age. 19 years old. do you get what i mean. for me we still young, and dia dah already get through this thing yang suppose dihadapi oleh orang yang lagi tua. this is too much you now. as i wrote a few months back about my dad accident, i can't accept the fact if i no longer have my dad. i can't live anymore. my soul die. alhamdulillah, my dad is still here and getting better day by day.  differ from  this guy case. he just so tough. so strong.


truely, i can't imagine myself loosing my parent at this age. like literally i am. no wonder when i just get back from KL and got no transport nak balik uni, aku contact dia, dia contact the whole people from my class so they can help me out. like jaga gila anak buah dia. now i know why he is just so responsible. 19 i can consider still young for a guy. if for a girl, they already grown up. so, that a huge responsibility. really huge.

my god bless you, my friend.

owh whats up about the marriage thingy? just let me summarize it. when a girl get married, her life was ended. full stop. no more joy. no more playing around, no more girlfriend here and there. only you , family, children, and chores and guess what, aku dah ada pun emak emak yang try to risik me already which is fucking scared me.

so the end. hope you guys do have a blast in your life now and then :)

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