Monday, August 6, 2012


Assalamu'alaikum guys. 

well to be honest, i don't know what to update actually since every update of mine usually i will upload pictures. just to make it fancy, heh. lately, i vlog too often. i don't take pictures that much. naahh. sorry for that. anyway, i've scrolled over my file and i saw this which i captured a few days ago? i can't recall. so heyyy here it is. my kitten ! 

*please make that cutie mutie face of yours to show the cuteness ! XD

how can i don't wanna slap it? really. 

today, its age is 7 days. so awww i can't describe more. you've gotto have your own kitten then you will know how does the feeling is. especially when it wanna sleep. i call my kitten Tom. 

when Tom gets sleepy, it will crawl to end of the box where i put it as a protection against other cats. but in the middle of the crawl, because Tom can't properly walk yet, it will stop and you know rubbing his head over the pillow provided and started yawning and sleep while crawl. Gadd, what else should i say then? really? what else. Total cuteness !!

ok anyway, im going downstairs to break fast. till then :D

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