Monday, August 6, 2012

Dato' Lee Chong Wei , so inspirational :)

What else should i say about this? a real true hero yet a real inspirational person i have ever met ! he really did his best for this. really did his best. impress !

since im a twitter user, ( boo yourself for still stick with Fb. so lame ) he keep on updating his twitter with how he felt so sorry for not winning the gold medal. how terrible he felt for making Malaysian that hoping so much for the first gold medal disappointed with his lost, and guess what, he do cry after the match. thats just touchy ok.

see? this is just .. gadd i can't describe how i feel. it just i feel sad for his lost, i feel happy as he just not impress the nation but yet the whole world, even the ESPN commentator said, similar like this ,

Lee Chong Wei is such a great guy but Lin Dan is quiet arrogant. skills win you medal, but attitude wins you hearts. 

what else can i say man, just look at this LINK. read the whole article. well you can see Rosmah there. as the twitter troll do make fun of her give that big hug towards DLCW. how happy they are for the newspaper did not publish the news of DLCW winning the gold medal while Rosmah were there hugging him. for me it just not funny. 

here is what Lin Dan say about DLCW:

another thing that make me proud about DLCW is that, he united the whole 28 millions people which is amazing. the whole nation do hoping for him to win and united to pray him to win the gold, but hey i don't know if the big amount of the Malaysian are just plain support for that so-called Baskin Robbin free stuff. for me, i don't really care about those ice cream even though its quite temptating, but hello mind the real intention !

what goes on in my mind is that, i want to wake up and read his victory on the paper and the whole news on TV but losing and winning is norm. so just chill but i still get that scary feeling knowing that he is going to retire. that is real eh? owhh :'(

don't worry for not winning the gold DLCW, YOU are THE GOLD for us :)

heard he will get married at Genting Highland. Well congrats ! :D

till then.

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