Sunday, August 5, 2012

Improving kills.

peace be upon you.

lately i gotto say, i've been to lazy to improve my english. i mean too lazy. before this my regime everyday, i will talk in english as much as i can, cause hey in order to improve you gotto speak right. english is a skill so you have to make use in order to improve.

not everyone can talk and listen to every word speak as better as they read nor write it. too bad , right? thats why i say it, its all about get used, or else it won't happen. most people ask how to be fluent? and i say easy. SPEAK ! thats all.

but ya know, everyone have their own insecurity inside them like a monster something ask not to talk in english maybe afraid they might spill the wrong usage and maybe like speak it the wrong way as it supposed. you know what i mean. or maybe even afraid if people around might make fun. ya know human. judgy.

hell, forget them. intention determine the success. so just do it.

so like it or not, i have to update any story here in english. yet again. just to improve my english. improveeeeee !

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