Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wakata wakata *tak tau nak buh tajuk apa heh


hey hey korang. ok here i am back. ok just wanna do a little update about my life. my father especially. ayah dah ok now but still not sembuh. kaki dia still tak ok. dia still tak boleh jalan. luka luka dia semua dah kering. just lutut je yang still k.o. lagi. nak solat pun kena mintak tolong angkatkan kaki lagi. but so far so good

cumanya semalam jumpa ayah, dia muram. tak suka lah tengok. but anyway, ayah still act normal. bila jumpa dia still ejek aku ngan benda yang selalu ejek. heh. typical ayah. and aku pun ejek dia balik. typical me. HAHA XD

ok anyway, my vlog life. actually the day before ayah accident, aku ada nak update my youtube acc. since this unfortunate thing happened, aku macam tak dapat nak update acc. since you know, buat vlog makan banyak masa. especially the uploading time. seriously sangat lama. 2 minutes video consume about 3 hours. haha my bad.

so aku just updated my acc with this vlog entitlled 'Sibling Tag XD'. so hope you guys do enjoy watching. yeah i know the light just too overrated and the sound kinda a little slow? but ermm i will improve. till then bye :)

*my eyes a little bulging on the thumbnail but whatever. haha hope i don't give u scary experience LOL

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