Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aku dapat yea yea :DD

for those who don't know this yet, yes i've been selected for the second audition for Musical Sketch. its somehow similar like Musical Drama or like even more similar GLEE.

so yeah im very excited about it. to tell you about my very first audition was a totally sort of bloody hell if you ask me. trust me i make fool of myself like all the sec through the audition time. luckily it just between me and my partner. owh yeah she get it too. How lucky ! :DD

i've been waiting for the result since last week. its suppose to be out last week ya know. then during koko today someone told me that the result already displayed at the library. so here it is :

as you can see there, the red one is my name. eheh. well you can see how more excited i am for being the third on the list. another one which is in yellowish, practically its suppose to mustard colour is my partner. both of us made it. we did pretty well did we? heh. angkat bakul jap.

owh yeah can someone tell me since when did i changed my name? NADIRAH instead of NADWAH? whatthefooooo.... =='

well i hope i can do much better for the second audition. pray for me will you ? :)


  1. aigooo.. nama kau typo. HAHAHAHA ! tahniah.

  2. Hai saya student kmpk batch 17/18. Saja baca blog post akak dri first impression masuk kmpk smpai post yang ni and then rupanya tutor kita samaaaa. I pun F1T8b ��������