Friday, June 10, 2011

assignment. sorry berterabur sikit. haha


LOVE. What a good sensation of feeling. Either between me and my family or even love among the other creation as animal I suppose. Its a really nice feeling. But then what is love for us.   First time i heard about the title which Miss Lim told us to do I was reluctant. I mean how can I write an essay for that. Its. Just. Hard. I never encounter any serious feeling towards another. Well in my group, two of us are coming from a school which consist only girls. So its a bit culture shock for us here anyway.  

Usually people describe love as something that are so alluring. So emotional. So great. The feeling that make us feels so important. That is how I feel when I have been loved once.  

Back to the topic. We can find love everywhere. From our friends, parents, family and most importantly God.   I think its a normal thing among teenagers nowadays to have a lover. Its like when they don't have one they fell left behind. Or what 'we', teenagers called what-so-uncool-girl. Somehow its pissed me off. Actually for my side, having a  lover during the phase where we suppose to only work out for education, its really bothering.

Love addict and love equal to deep passion with each other.   Three of us agree with the fact that love among friends is the best for us now. As we are here in KMPk, we stay far away from our family and everyone that we know well such as old friend or even our kin. Its so hard for us to start everything back from scratch here.

Luckily, we happen to met one another and its the best thing ever happened to us. We met each other for the very first time at IT Lab 1. At that time we were very clueless. What should we learn here? Science computer? How can us handle this? We don't have friends to conduct the problem with.  

The class started, the lecture asked us to start the class with each one introduce themselves. Truth to be told, that is how we know each other. Iki and Dayah sit just beside another. Dayah said Iki looked kind of snobbish. But then somehow Iki broke the wall which she started the conversation with asking Dayah's name. And it was kind of awkward at first but then, HEY WE ARE CLOSE NOW ! 

Dayah have a friend which she knew first before Iki. Since Iki doesn't have any friend, like at all, she tag along with Dayah and she happened to know Jia too. Its what we call chain-friend. Did I get it wrong? Anyway, Its my philosophy. Hahahaha.   Its been great to know each other. Dayah  with her nonsense talk, Iki with her crazy attitude and Jia with her silent mode. HAHA everything when smooth now. Everywhere we go, trio. So here the love that found we here in KMPk . Thats what we love about it.

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