Saturday, June 18, 2011

baguslah ! sangat bagus :/

well seriously i don't know how to say this even to say that its my fault or thats just the way they treat people. ok the story goes like this.

this evening, i thought of wanna take a walk around KMPk as i was like had my sleep for a certain period time which i can say its quite long la. thought its normal for a matrics student. (kitorang qada' tidur hari sabtu and ahad cause hari biasa semua damn pack) as i feel like caught up in the room so i made a decision to go to the hill.

at the same time, my friend message me that she wanna go cycling. she invited me but then i refused to go as i just woke up. yes to tell u the truth, i do feel bad cause somehow i wanna go cycling like crazy. i never use it dowh. (act its one of the facilities here)

so she went to the hill too as i just knew that the warehouse for keeping the bicycle was close. so we met there. as soon i arrive i saw her with her other friends and totally not to forget her new boyfriend. dayyum ! i noticed that her other friends was quite something. especially the girl.

owh, im wearing red sweater and a bag with a notebook in it. so they were like laughing at me as they were thinking i was crazy for bringing all that when i know that they were exercising. but really thats not my intention.

to my suprise, as soon i sit at the bench beside her she went away. can u imagine the situation is?


it was hell tired ok to climb up the hill. and i was taking my breath hardly while i reach there and they were like just walk off? WTH man ! at least give me a break. just let me have my rest for awhile then you may ask me to go just about anywhere !

at first i was like damn pissed but somehow its better to not having any friend than have to deal with such a weird friend as this.

i am truly disappointed .

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