Tuesday, May 17, 2011

shreet shreettt !! *lap hingus guna lengan baju

HACHUUUMMM ! shreet shreettt. 

hye hingus aku sayang kat kau. aku suka kau. aku tergila gilakan kau. gila gila lah punya heart love ni. ceit!

kuang aja punya hingus. nak je aku potong hidung ni then biar aku rebus. haishhh HAACHUUMMM ! pergh ! !$@#^%$@

so i guess you guys can wonder how do my condition right now right? HAHA yeah you do know. hmm, AWESOME ! freaking awesome. like soooo awesome. this is what i hate about my life so far.

so yeah my latest post i do tell you guys that i wanna post about my haul and the present that i got from my brother. can i laugh just for a sec? *AHAHAHA i am too lazy derrr! i thought to do it tonight but again i forget my phone and i simply don't wanna do it. ok i know better for me to delete this blog. so what?

wahahaha *mean laugh

matriks preparation only left about six days. OMG did i just said SIX DAYS? like freaking i do? shhheeiiiiitttt . oh no i'm not ready yet. most of the document is totally still un-print. ok seriously semua dokumen itu berlambak ok. bukan just 5/6 sahaja. ada lebih dari tu. and most of it need a signature! like freaking real? got to start doing it tomorrow.

remind it back about the stuff needed for daily routine. yup im done. shopping with Suhada and Hadi. just a minor stuff like track suit and some other stuff and another im totally done with it.

yeah talking about going to matriks. the very first thing appear on my mind is GADGET NEEDED! yeah laptop. thats really important i guess. so since i love vlogging and blogging so i change my mind from getting myself a laptop to getting a notebook due to its small size so i can bring it anywhere i go. plus its a bonus to me to avoid me from boredom at matriks. so eventhough i know tomorrow is wesak day i will be going to Taiping to search for mine.

looking for :

brand : Acer
color : white
window : totally not a Starter Home. cause thought of downloading a video editing software. screen kecik kot. ceit ! stilllll.... WTV

weyh mat ! kau jangan poyo sangat boleh ? HAHA

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