Sunday, May 15, 2011


so basically now im so excited to go to matrix. ok mind that for a little while.

my bro is at home now. he just got back yesterday. yeay ! like it. i never been this excited really just because this time its mean a little bit different as now he back with a present. yup present. an owl necklace. nice and big yaww !

sorry for there is no picture. so lazy to go upstairs. hahaha. so i got no mood to write back. what the fish.

owh korang tau tak baru baru ni blog tak boleh nak update katanya ada maintenance. yeah that time semangat gila nak blog but HAHA you  know why lah kan. so sorry i'll be back tomorrow (kalau tak berebut line internet ) ngan abang sok with all of my haul last saturday. so yeah.

have a nice week guys :D

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