Tuesday, May 17, 2011

answering your question with full of respect !

dude tak silap aku, aku ada buat post about that day. most of it is rewind back the memory. so basically yang about mad at you tu. tak adalah marah sangat but geram with your action. i don't know lah. probably that time kau segan sangat or whateverlah. i don't even care now.

so the reason is  : you didn't even talk but most of the time you play with your PSP which is not appropriate i think for you to do that during the reunion. so yeah. you play with it like 'all the time'. me as the planner of the reunion tak suka. so hope you do get me.

sorry terpaksa post kat sini as i get too busy nak handle document matriks and aku tak online FB sekarang. harap maklum.


  1. wah..public gila.haha

    If u dont mind, carikkan lah entry tu.hehe..

    About that day, u noe kan that im that kind of person. Sorry la...if you want, we can meet this thursday maybe. :)

  2. dah cari dah tadi. tak jumpa. too many post aku pun dah pening. kalau tak aku post dah link dia kat kau. ha'ahh kau memang lah pemuda yang palingggg pemalu mak aih. HAHA this thursday? tak ada hari lain? aku keluar jumaat ni ke kuala. kalau kau ada ok lah kot. nak settle matriks.