Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little about KMPk / Matrikulasi Perak.

hey guys. so now i just finished my lunch and now i wanna share with u guys a little about KMPk.

so starting from the name itself. many people flummoxed when they heard about KMPk which they doesn't know what is it. so tell you here. it is actually means Matrikulasi Gopeng. so don't get confuse anymore.
the real means is Kolej Matrikulasi Perak. hit me if i get it wrong.

my very first impression here is this college is totally lame and stuck deep into the forest and far from the modernity but deym ! I WAS WRONG. its totally not look like what i imagine it is. ok the sentence about deep into the forest is actually true BUT here in KMPk is like another city built in another zone. i mean it does look like real town in a miny one. we have everything here. u name it.

we have Kompleks Siswa which i call it as mini town cause in this place it has everything u need. not entirely everything but u get what i mean. owh no darling we don't have Zara here. duh. ATM, Kedai Serbaneka, Terminal Siswa, Klinik, Anjung Siswa, Dataran and Kedai Siswa. everything is all about the shop that sell our basic thing. our KMPk is the only Matrix that have clinic. to be additional, KMPk is on the range of top 3 around Malaysia.

yes here we have wifi. unluckily, here on girl's block didn't get strong signal compare to the boys. so yeah but still the line can be counted as fast. for my side lah. but there still certain ladies who didn't get the signal as in they are not lucky enough and get room which far from the signal.

before i get in here, many people use to say that KMPk has the very bestest best best greater great  scenery compare to another Kolej Matrikulasi. you need a prove? here i show you.

so this is the scenery during early morning. sorry for the picture couldn't tell the real picture of it but yeah this is how it look like. you can see the sunrise and the sunset clearly here especially when you kinda like to hang out at astaka. well seriously say i kinda started to get addicted with it. like during the dawn which no one i mean NO ONE come out yet then you go to the field and just rilex while listening to the calming soul music and you just laying there at astaka. trust me its a real good pleasure.

but anyway, u just need to be real careful ok. its kinda dangerous. teehee. i have black belt so i don't have to bear think about it dowh.

about the culture. well we can categorize two types of people here. which newbies and also the otai (orang lama) newbies we call it PST while the otai we call them XPDT.

PST = Program Satu Tahun
PDT = Program Dua Tahun
XPDT = ex- Program Dua Tahun which continuing their last year here.

frankly say, i kinda hate XPDT here cause somehow they were like behaving so much like a taiko. they wanna rule everything here and just treat us like we're damn loser newbies. they do always and always got their narrow eye on us. i mean come on. duh smile isn't that hard ya know. 

i have this one theory which enable u to differentiate between newbies and otai. usually otai will 'capap' all the time. means they try to do something that might caught your attention. they will yelling instead of laughing. they will screaming instead of talking as normal. they hardly smile. they love teasing newbies. for example as in this conversation among them.

" weyh tengok tu. skema gila pakai kasut pergi makan kat cafe. HAHAHA " 
sambil gelak setan between them.

thats all i guess.

but still NOT all of them are like that. this kinda otai are just a certain of it. they are several XPDT that i've found just too sweet to talk to. humble, love help the newbies especially when we doubt about something and so much more. so if you are going to be the next KMPk's just don't worry. act like a boss here but don't get too much. if people bad talk about you fight back. don't stay down cause they might make u as a solid target. u don't want that to happen right?

probably after this i will be talking about the culture here. budaya hitam. so wait for it.

well i guess till now. i will be updating myself here if i have the chance. anyway, tonight i will get the schedule for the class. so hehe here i come. bye dear take care :D


  1. junior..
    kmpk really give a lot of memories...

  2. hellooo~ I'm from KMPk too~ haha our first impression is the same xD

  3. cool content...i luv every single thing that u wrote...coz directly speaking; im currently a student at kmpk n u r so right about everything that u wrote...haha

  4. i miss those jubobos team, hehe

  5. kmpk is the best among the rest, tak Kmpk laa if tak makan burger hongkong kat cafe C hee :D

  6. Klu basuh baju kat sana mcm mana ya?

  7. Selalu basuh bju guna air, jarang² la guna Debu pasir yg suci ��