Sunday, May 29, 2011

The culture that i hate among girls..

Here in KMPk , especially during this new season where everyone are still new here i have to admit that this culture like sooo on with everyone. that is APOLOGIZING !    yes i know that apologizing is not a wrong thing but if you keep apologize just for a minor mistake i mean that such loss. its like


it does it really are. its not that i try to make you stop asking for apologize but there is a point where you need to know when to stop. let me give you an example.

First Example : when you climb down the stairs, while everyone behind you is pushing you because they are rushing and accidentally you step on the people in front of you and the people mad at you and you immediately ask for her apologize. 

Listen to me. you just need to realize that that is not your fault. that is not what you are trying to do. that is not even your intention. its because the people behind you who did that. so don't beg apologize for the pity people in front you instead you should just say "Dear its not my fault. its the people behind me.'

Second Example : you are walking down the street. the street is full with people. you guys aren't rushing instead you guys only walk. then suddenly people behind you who are walking passing you accidentally bump you on the shoulder. so you say sorry cause you thought that that is your fault. dah tu bukan cakap sorry sekali, berkali kali pulak tu. 

Listen to me. in this condition, you need to set your mind. yes you are walking while you talk with your friend but it doesn't mean that you bump her purposely. its not even she want to bump you. just assume this as an accident. thats all. so you should just say "Are you okay?". Done ! as easy as that. when you ask that if she didn't smile, slap her on the face. know why? its because she blame you for that stupid accident and she have this ego that make her think she is always right. just do that. trust me. 

so im done with it. i guess that's all the example that i can give you. actually there are thousands of it. this culture make me sick! i don't try to stop you from asking for apologize but there's a limit dowh. you can think for your own self.  

till then! :D

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  1. "tapi aku rasa kau lagi memalukan orang Malaysia dengan cacian kau tu. mana pergi budaya hormat menghormati dan sopan santun kau tu?(i love this part) RAKYAT MALAYSIA KAN BERHEMAH ORANGNYA DAN PENUH ADAB. MANA PERGINYA ADAB KAU"

    I didnt say this. I just quote this! hahaha. know wht baby, u r contradict with you yrself. i suppose u hv two personality. tis one got me! hahahahaha!