Saturday, May 28, 2011

i have my own NETBOOK ladies and gentlemen !!! ngehngeh

argh im so excited. excited excited. truly excited. i managed to buy this acer netbook in white color ! argh love it. the big reason why i really want white color is because of this one picture i got from tumblr. i attract at this asap as the phone on it look exactly like mine. no its not just look but truly same. im proud to use Nokia c3.

whatsoever ...

and mine look like this . wuuuu

hudusnya gambar. sorry i didn't found software for picture editing here on my netbook. still tak check out lagi. never mind. so the netbook not entirely white. well yeah too bad. i try to search for it. which is full white but ehmmm nop. this is the only netbook that i found other than black in color. so yeah.

well the picture from the net. saja nak show off. kau tak suka? ada aku kisah? bak kata kak mas. aha aha aha

mine is lavender purple. hehehe love it much. as far as i know it has android in it? hmm, whats that? really need to geledah this netbook. so till then

peace ! :D


  1. wow congrats.. planning nak edit video dlm ni ke?? =P

  2. owh edit video? rasanya tak lagi kott. still tak kenal software dalam ni. ehm, anyway kalau i edit i tak boleh upload as wifi dalam kampus i youtube kena block. so yeah.

  3. aku nye wrne biru weyh! ahahaha. xD