Friday, May 27, 2011

its all about the new day here..

yo whuddup !!!

so now on i am at Matrikulasi Perak. and here i am stuck at seri kerian just beside the cafe and had to stand the smell of the food like all the time plus making me feel bad about myself cause just after that i quickly run to the cafe to snatch some food. awesome but in reality its not. im afraid that i might get fatter and im going to spend the whole of my money in just a week.

weyh, makanan kat sini sedap and murah la bhaii. camna tak tergoda dowh..

just nak cakap tengah online ni pun ada makan kat sebelah. from Cafe C. wakakaka. ada aku kisah ? -.-'

ok actually right at this moment is the only time where i am eligible to online and sleep. yeah sleep. pheww trust me. orientation week just end this evening with full of boredom (from my side lah) cause i can't get well with anything related to official thing. im waiting for this day like forever ok.

this week actually we can go back. unfortunately my family wasn't at home as they went to KL this evening so i couldn't do what i wish for. balik rumah of course. bukan balik kampung. hahaha plus i feel like im such a loser if i do that. it just the first week. dah balik? ermm, so not.

banyak gila nak story moli malam ni but too bad i just too sleepy lah weyh. bye :D


  1. wowieee~~rndu nk mkn burger hongkong kt kafe b..:(!!

  2. burger hongkong. tak perasan pun ada jual burger kat cafe b. jap b1 ke b2? yang nampak ada kat cafe c je.

  3. not reli sure..B yg side prmpuan bkn tepi jln tuh..:)!!aah..xtaw la ad ag ke,burger hongkong mmg fav8 wktu batch kteorg dlu..dgn roti john cheese kt kafe B yg tepi jln tuh..:)!!

  4. huh? yang mana ekh? sheesh memang kena cari ni. ok ok kak nadia nanti i make a post about it. will search for it tonight.