Friday, April 1, 2011

im pissed. please don't do this to your friend ok. they have heart.

im suppose to have a meeting tomorrow which i should meet several people who are my very old friend from primary school. the meeting wasn't big actually but still cause my intention is to release stress as i always caught up in the house without any healthy thing to do unless get online all the time. we suppose to talk about the reunion which will be held at the end of April. so yeah

unfortunately my companion where im suppose to go out together tomorrow cancel it at the very last minute which im so mad is she didn't tell me earlier and i am the one who contact her to know this thing. ok guys you know what? this is the things that you need to do. mind your friend thought.

1. if you wanna cancel somethings up TELL THEM EARLIER cause you never know what they plan ahead cause that will make them totally hurt. plan something with zero achievement is NOT good.

2. YOU are the one who should CONTACT the people NOT THAT PEOPLE who contact you. that is just ssooooo rude.

3. contact them EARLIER if that is what gonna to happen. don't break their heart with the so last minute cancellation.

4. APOLOGIZE ! that is the very important one here.

ok peeps. i guess thats all. this is so not cool. -.-


  1. Ouh ye, memang la sgt sakit hati when they do not tell us earlier. Kita dah plan mcm mcm dia plak cancel last minute. Lagi sakit hati bila kita beriya iya ask them for that, but then depa kata cancel. Rasa cam nak bako je :p

  2. ya sangat betul kak syiela. bak kata adegan dalam kak limah movie KITA BAKO KITA BAKO !! -.-