Friday, April 1, 2011

i tend to get bored easily

HOORAH ! i changed my header for another time again.. ok actually i don't even remember which time for exact. seriously duh if you didn't notice that. its just that reallyyyyy big yaww.

i do that for fun oghehh.. make it big! full size of your screen. cause i like it dowh. as i said before just for fun. milliion thanks for ATIQAH AHMAD for the picture. i really love how my nose look like. so sharp. well nah..

anyway, i am seriously miss vlogging now on. i wanna vlog but too bad i got no idea to talk about. actually i've plan ahead to make a vlog about 'How to Commit Suicide'. unfortunately my cousin doesn't wanna step her foot in as she said that i may encourage people to kill themself. i don't mind actually cause really the vlog is not about that.

im not a good vlogger but whatever.

so yeah. i love my new header. you don't like it? nevermind.

shaika back off with peace symbol on her hand.

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