Monday, April 4, 2011

final decision i've made. ergh, God this is hard.

hey guys how are you today? feeling good? yeah i know me too. it's been awhile dowh. ok i know even though it wasn't that while but still. i miss blogging yaww.

anyway, im officially announce that i've made a final decision now. hoorah! say congrates to me. ok nonsense. since UPU application just ended at 12:01 just now, well i will share with you guys what did i applied. OMG seriously this is so hard and confusing.

i have to deal with my parents wish and my interest in. my dad forced me to go to politeknik which seriously im not interested to get there at all. so then i still apply for that nevertheless at the very last minute. still accepted anyway. so yeah say hoorah ! ok cut off me.

here is my first attempt.

and unfortunately the are rejected as it has the same course in between. so yeah i have to edit it back. like pfft. so this is final one. TARAAA !! *drum roll behind

so as my dad forced me to apply for the politeknik so here it is. oghehh dad are you satiesfied? 

well now im just hoping that UITM will choose me to be one of the students. hmm, bye ya'll :DD

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