Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh god. it's been so long. if only this world have an award for a loser blogger i am really that sure i will win it. im so sorry for the late. its been so busy lately. i live in a super chaos. actually right now im at my mum's stockist which i just got back from my village. is so tiring. got family gathering there. then a few days back got a guest from Johor. my dad's old friend. well its like a reunion. i guess.

then i have to make a video for my friend. so yeah. just helping them. i will post the video on the other post. i don't feel like putting it on in one post.

so now. i wanna talk about REBECCA BLACK. have you ever heard of her? ok let me tell  you. actually she is a girl of 13 years who are sort of come from nowhere and produce a music video which is for me kind of annoying. trust me. i never say it to the people who love music cause i don't want to make them lose hope and passion towards music but i just think that her music is too awful to heard. i mean her voice.

probably it would be better if i post the video here rather than make you wonder more about her.

its an autotune help. AUTOTUNE! this is the worst autotune help i ever heard. i love autotune. sounds great. this is rubbish. usually when i listen the autotune song it always ALWAYS pleasant to listen to but this is not. ok i don't wanna comment much. im not a haters but just watch this video.

he is totally a fucking bitch but i can't agree more. he is right. i love the part where he said

"if the autotune cannot save her, its mean she doesn't have any talent at all"

he is right! totally. the chorus is the part where i cannot stand at all to listen too. i grab my headphone off immediately. pfft -..- she really need help. i don't hate her but i just hate her idea to  invent her own music video. its totally not work out. yes, by now when i watch it, the viewers are more than 18 million people but what the use if its all about the haters?

im sure i have my own opinion and you have it too. just leave it there ok. till then.

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