Thursday, March 10, 2011


yes! title tells everything. i AM fat fat fat fat.. i will say it nonstop if i want to ok but yeah pity yall to read it. pfft -..-

believe me. i look soo fat. i look normal when you guys see me in reality but trust me i am not. on the outside i look small perhaps but you absolutely don't know that i look totally hideous inside. OMG have i been cursed? ok nop. what the heck am i. im beginning to be paranoid. oh no prochodriac. oh cut off shaika.

just so you know that actually i am claustrophobic kind. same just like my cousin.  seriously i couldnt go near one or else im hardly breath. yeah im a weirdo right?

if you guys a person who really care about your own self you might know that there are actually certain type of body, well we can say it fruit shape that showing which category we are in. it have banana, pear and an apple. at first i was like 'oh damn. this thing exist?' and im like sure why don't i just test which category am i. so yeah after doing a little research and i've already knew that i am type of PEAR!


upper small but im bigger down there. especially my thigh. trust me its super hideous. thank god im not an apple type. u want a prove? well duh there is no way im gonna upload my weakness here. -..-

so yeah forget about that. girl always feel un-satiesfied about themselves. ALWAYS! some of them are terribly skinny but they said they look like a pump-out pork sausage. ok that is what i said about myself. shush really have to be more grateful here. i need to learn to accept who i am. hmm,

well i think its hard. you see, when you go somewhere like you have a friend meeting, you are going to a family gathering or even you accidentally catch a glimpse on you at the boutique mirror you would definitely see your own self looking so much different than you think you are. you look 'LARGE'. and even you snap a picture and then you will say 'OMG HOW FAT !'.

then with your close friend or kin who didn't meet you for a certain period time saying that you look different than the last time you met. trust me they really can see the different than you, who always look in the mirror every single morning or every chance you have and barely notice the different.

trust me it is. i do this. i stop looking at the mirror for three days and after that which is today, i look myself in the mirror and im like dumbfounded cause im so surprise with what i looked. i look HUGE especially at the part of my neck. its bulging! ok maybe not that worst. -.-

so well i guess i need to restart back my old regime. before this i use to skip every day. due to my research most of the expert says that the most easiest and simplest cardio that you can practice is skipping. i use to skip 1000 times in a day. actually it wasn't a lot at all. so i guess i have to double it up. i will rise it to 2000 times in a day. a thousand in the morning and another thousand in the evening.

i will continuosly do it until the day of my SPM result. yeay chaiyok shaika! cause i hate it when i meet them and they say 'shaika kau chubby nyewww...' trust me i seriously wanna slap them. JOKE!

p/s; i guess there will be no more vlog cause of my software technical problem. i don't know that actually i downloaded trial version. arghh..

so i guess till then. night yall :DD

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