Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dumb Call !

have you guys ever got a phone call and the people on the other side asking you a question and she ask  for your phone number and immediately hung up?

ok that is what happen to me. and im like who is she? what the heck just happening? im stunned! speechless of course.

the story goes like this. i received a phone call by a stranger of course and she called my home. ok thats good cause i don't like people bother me through my own phone number. my sister pick it up. while on that time actually i am sleeping. i think its normal for sleeping in the evening after get tired of doing all the chores. pity me. so yeah she hand it up to me.

well then i say hello and its a girl. hm, thats cool. not that i am into a boy call or what but im not feeling comfortable among boys even though we aren't facing each other UNLESS i know who he is. so yeah. she told me that she called from College Multimedia Taiping and asked me if i interested to get into that college. and im like sure why not. but yeah if i have another better choice i will choose that for sure.

well then she asked for my phone number and i give it straight away. duh of course i am hesitate cause she didn't even promote to me like introduce me where is the college or what course they have to offer. just call me, ask my phone number and pup! hung up just like that...

just to tell you guys that this is not my first call from any college or whatever calling me if i am interested to get into their institution. so i know if they are real or what. i mean she is just sounds too fishy ok. like something is not right. 

if it is true so that great. but if not.. ok im getting paranoid here. to expose my own phone number to a public isn't a big deal. i can change it whenever i want. i just don't like people being such a total fraud. thats all. i simply not into monkey business. done!

so yeah. happy thursday guys. this is for tomorrow :)

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