Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ok ok mind that im-so-vain picture. lets focus on what im gonna talk about here.

well, what happening today? or maybe a week or a month before? or perhaps what is happening inside me? im fighting over to say this. im really are. apa jadah aku fikir ni?

haha forget that nonsense. so hye yawl! watcha doing? great there? today is a tuesday and yeah OMG i just realised that i missed Glee. oh fish! sorry for the bad word. currently being so bored to me. nothing flow in my mind except all of the hijab fashion. so yeah. i know for guys its sounds soo bored but nah im a girl.. duh

what am i gonna write here? usually when i wanna write a blog, i got tons of story to tell you guys. like a lot! but hey when i already wanna do that everything seems drop dead in silent. like what..? sheesh gotto freaking endure it.

now on im so not going to think about when the day of the result. some says 14th March, some says 17th March. i don't know when. guess i need to be deaf for awhile or else im going to be prank again. so not gonna think of it. like erghh.. due to the trusted source, it would be 24th March and yeah NOT that 23th March ok. bit dizzy looking at the number here :p

im currently and dyingly looking forward to buy a new phone. i wish i can have Nokia C3 and yeah if you are my friend you must have been so suffocated with me by telling you guys million times that i want it or like im telling you guys that i have a dream that i already bought it. hehe nah i do really want it. i know you must be wonder like

what just Nokia c3? why dont you just go get another one that are better like Blackberry perhaps?

well duh its up to me lah. ho cares right? as long as im satisfied with it. ok the deal is i fall with it at the first sight. oh my.. that hot pink one is so alluring dont you think? nop? whatever.

according to my aunt there is another version which is on a purple color. ok that is so not cool. honestly speaking im not a purple fans so yeah. no offend people. i just think that the color wasn't that erm,.. like that vogue to suit with that C3 model? yeah.. i really think so.

so here i am. im so gonna get this one!


hmm, mind that im not so girlish girlie girl that you think i am. i just think that color is bold enough. i love it.

well anyway, i just finished read a book by sophie kinsella entitled Sleeping Arrangement borrowed from my friend Atiqah Ahmad and yeah the book is beyond bored. ahah. tell you. guess the book is so bored to read as

1. the book is made special by Sophie for readers who are in a holiday. so she didn't want readers get tense by reading such a heavy story but more to light head of time.
2. at this time actually Sophie wasn't known as SOPHIE KINSELLA yet but perhaps MADELEINE WICKHAM which she is still quite amature as an author. so yeah the plot is kinda boring anyway.

but yeah guess what another book of Sophie that i have finished is Remember me. i guarantee all of you there is no regret of reading it. its full of suspend, romance, confusion, tense thinking mind and yeah fantasy... you get what i mean right? what will comes other than those S** stuff on English books. dont worry wasn't that much.

so i guess till then. its nearly 12 pm. so bye all. have a great night good dream  :)

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