Sunday, March 20, 2011

well hello guys. how are you today? im good but doesn't feel that great like always as the SPM result are going to out soon. yes! this wednesday. pfft. i really can't wait for this. the first thing is i can't stand to know my result wasn't that best then i wanna meet NAFEESA! ok so excited. just naf cause we haven't meet for a very long time. 

so a few days past, like i told you guys on my previous post. i helped my friend to make a video for their convocation. it wasn't my best sincerely cause i make it at eleven hour and in a such tense and all i couldn't focus on it. it took me much but yeah i made it to finish it. 

this first video is about the group session and all the 'perah otak' thing held at public library. yes i was shy at first cause i never meet them before and its kinda awkward moment at first. i sit at the different table! how stupid. so yeah just so you know if you guys wanna connect with someone don't show your shyness. it is the very first principle of all. how stupid. again.

i noticed that i always wear the same pashmina and those fugly face. BHAHAHA

there is some part on the video which is not appropriate where i eat while im talking. it is disgusting.  ok i know that is so not me. im sorry my bad. -.-

the video is so complicated cause i didn't get the story line like what eddy try to explain it to me. so yeah at last i made it after five hours of struggling with the software which is not my usual use and i do it at my friend's house located about 5 km away so  i have to go to her house to do it. edyy forgot to give me the subtitle so i have to translate it on that rushing time. and bla bla bla that is so not me rushing on something hard to do and plus it just a four minutes video. well seriously duh!

i don't mind actually. this is the video. so bored. trust me. i make it bored. my bad.

well done ! till then yaww. :DD

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