Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ye peeps. wussuuppp!!

so yeah today im lucky as i've been tag by my favourite blogger aka old friend, kak syiela  to talk about 25 random things about me. well, frankly say i have tons but yeah mind it for 25 only. well, ehem! allow me.. ;)

1. i heart adore crazy fashion and yeah thanks to god recently i've been blessed to found such an adorable fashionista who make a hijab as a priority.

2. other than blogging, i do vlogging too. i find that making a video is kinda fun. check me out here dude.

3. i hate to take a bath. yeah im serious but STILL i smell good. don't worry. you'll never die being with me. even a year with. HAHA

4. usually when i go to restaurant, i use to have Milo ice other than others. taste good and yummy! :)

5. compare to most of my favourite things in the world, i love my bed. it's not because i love to sleep but it just.. comfy! <3

6. i love to do my hair ponytail than let it loose freely.

7. once, im a boarding school kid and former student of SMKA which is not that great cause the law is kinda suck. yeah.. no mean to offend but i hate my old school. peace!

8. im good at the kitchen. trust me. thanks to my dad. weird huh? yeah my DAD. he is an awesome cook.

9. i just broke my nail after washing mom's car. it hurts yo! seriously..

10. i prefer netbook than laptop cause i can easily bring it anywhere. cool eh?

11. i hate my family especially my mum and my brother, Azan but i really love my dad. thats just me.

12. couldn't eat nasi if there is no veggie involve. i just can't!

13. im the one who do anything without thinking. if you heard someone scream at your back well its me lah! NAH

14. i am mix Malay and Malay. cool right?

15. looking forward for an awesome DSLR.

16. im single but not ready to mingle. relationship is such an ieww for me. ;)

17. i adore yellow, bohemian and casual style and striking neon shirt.

18. i just started wearing scarf that i call it 'tudung nangka'. heh

19. i have a round face but most people say that i have such an oval face. i don't know what is wrong with them (=..=)

20. im actually waiting 24 hours for someone who can drive me everywhere i want. like all the time.

21. im phobia of narrow space and water. so im claustrophobic. same like my cousin. sheesh. i can't breath when im in one.

22. i make my sister's outfit as mine even her own singlet. HAHA (evil laugh)

23. im a lazy lazy lazy lazy girl. that is a honest statement yo!

24. i hate egoistic people who think that they are better than others. ceit poodah! 

25. i love my reader and i wanna meet them like NOWWW! 

so yeah there are my 25 random things about me. erm, please dont turn off with me with that fact of  number 3 but hey i am that number 8, okeyh!! ok yeah i know you'll puke when you know i didn't take a bath for a month while chewing my food right? uhuh. ok ok i'll go bath now. so, see yeah! 

kak syiela thanks for the tag! XD 

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