Monday, January 31, 2011

so since i've met an awesome girl in fashion stuff, i have make a video about how to wear a pashmina inspired by Maria Elena. you can check her out through link on my previous post. so this is the vid. hope can inspire you guys too. neway, imess up a bit i guess. ok a lot. pfft  -,-

after watching her. im craving for more like seriously. so i've search and search about others. and pup pup i've found this hot lecturer of architecture who are really have an awesome sense of fashion dowh! seriously im so excited. like freaking excited.. HAHA

ok cut it off. her name is Aishah Amin and yeah people use to know her as the second of Hana Tajima. well you know about Hana Tajima right? you're not? OMG go search for her. she's awesome. believe me. this is Aishah Amin.


and if you wanna check her out go this link  and yeah actually that is not her personal account but that is the account which she share about her style with others. yeah! she's awesome! i love her. 

through one of her looks i get inspired by one of it. that is wearing headpiece on the shawl.
ergh, if only i know how to wear it at the first place. i saw it many times and in doubt whether to buy it or not. how cool right? 

actually to be honest i got tons of cloth exactly like them but unfortunately i don't know how to mix it up and i don't know where to wear it. for sure not gonna wear it to the town of mine. definitely looks weird. HAHA

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