Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pfft pfft pfft and sigh.

im feeling so uncomfortable today. this morning when i woke up, my head spinning so hard. sore throat and i even barely talk. im coughing like my lungs wanna pop out from my chest. my face extremely pale. runny nose. enough making me tense.

so yeah,  frankly speaking i have a fever. suck!

i dont even remember how much pill that i'd consumed. owh i eat GXN pill. taste bitter like hell! argh,  i hate it. =..=

that is why i hate it when im sick.

well, not enough with that, after this like 7.00 PM im going to Kuala Lumpur before move on to Johor the next day. argh, suck weyh. suck. extremely hate it. its going to take about i dont know probably 4 hours because its my dad whose driving. like argh!

erm, im probably will not online like four days after this so yeah wish me well on journey.

terribly sick (=..=)

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