Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My CNY holiday at Johor. full of camwhoring session but its good.

well yeah i just got back from my village at benut, pontian, Johor. honestly, i just not got back. it probably about two days past. oh no its yesterday. ok i'm still tired. so yeah i couldn't set my mind straight.

im focusingggg! there was a lot of picture that i took there. zillion i guess. its kinda late now. im busy doing the vids. so yeah. here's the new vid.

maybe lagi puas kot korang tengok vid kan..?
boleh tengok muka aku yang cun ni bergerak. OK VAIN!

so that is the video for my trip to Taman Rekreasi Punggur. what a weird name right? ok no offend people. i just think so. duh

on that day there, these is some of the picture.

believe me , i can say that most of the people there was staring at us! its like maybe we act so over. ahah excited sekejap. well i don't think its wrong kan..? so yeah

so when i at that beach i saw one little creature which is disgusting -,- but it is an awesome stealer. my cousin called it umang umang and it look like crab but its not act like one. just watch the video. its too random. i don't know how to classify the video about what. then i just named it CNY holiday. duh

well, then for the next day, we went to occasion at the next door village. you know what? there were a lot of village. its a huge place but you won't notice it because everywhere is full of oil palm plantation. as the camera was with me, so i just camwhoring non stop till i didn't notice that actually the battery was low. OMG pity my mum. usually when we were at this place she love to have a picture about everything. so yeah this is the only the picture about that day. pfft!

 this is my cousin. the one with yellow shawl. she is mine! ahah

 my dad yang cute. the one in the middle. 

kak lin :)

then these is the picture of me vaining with my cousin,Atikah. well, we love it.

well, i guess thats it for now. you see i love making face. so yeah sorry for that. my habit. anyway, my friend said that i look chubby. eheh. owh ok. thanx for the info. guess i need to stop eating much then -..-

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