Thursday, January 6, 2011

semalam aku ke rumah atiqah untuk membuang masa. waktu malam. well act im not a person yang suka keluar malam but sengaja ambik kesempatan sebab mak aku ke kelas mengaji bawak adik adik yang lain. so yeah. i know she does make a mural on her wall thus i take this oppurtunity to check it out.

the mural wasn't done yet. still in progress. its simple but nice to look at. her bedroom theme is wonderland which i think is quite childish at first but yeah it is affordable cause that is bedroom. maybe she intend to have a great dream, i guess? :p 

well i pray for that. anyway, we already make a video about that and i already upload it on my facebook. if you are my friend so you can watch it. but if not you have to add me. uhuh vanish the ego please... just so you know that i am seriously picky when it comes to friend on facebook. i hate to approve people who not use their own picture instead they prefer to use korean actress or whatever. seriously i wont approve.

no worry. i also have upload it on my youtube channel. just click this pict and you can watch it. its boring and full of language disaster so yeah. i've warned. :)

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