Wednesday, January 5, 2011

so yeah. since my friend have some difficulity on her blogging activity, i do have make a survey on a few blog which i think is worth it.she is actually very talented with making poem and expressing herself through words. so yeah but it is sometime quite mean. well she have the right to do that btw. oh yeah this is her blog. just click the pict and you can read her blog yo!


 there are a few blogger out there that try to copy her blog which i think is damn stupid. and the person clearly copy it ALL and paste it on their blog! wow dear blogger, you are totally an arse. HAHA

that so  mean. im a blogger too so i know how frustrating when someone try to steal my idea and its not cool though. and plus do you know how hard i've to figure the best thing happened around me and have to write it down and mix with fake humour? sheesh. and you easily just copy and paste it? yeah yeah you are so 'GREAT!'

without wasting anymore time, i want to share with you guys about a tool that i think is really useful to you guys out there especially blogger who want to keep their privacy and make their blog more secure. btw, zillion thanks to kak syiela the greatest blogger i know for sharing me the information. or else i didn't know the name of this tool.

this tool actually help you guys to disable right click on your blog. so whenever a 'person' want to right click on your blog (or maybe they want to steal it) it will automatically appear something like this ;

you can see right that blue chocolate bar in the middle of it? so yeah that is the tool and it giving out a warning that have been set by you guys. so now, i give you the link to the web. you don't have to worry because there are actually the instruction on it but for a fact that blog have been updated so the instruction  is a bit different for those who use blog new template or design like me.  im gonna tell you after this. so here's the link;

so yeah if you guys examine it carefully you guys will see at the code there is a sentence that in a red color. just so you know that sentence or space is actually specially done to you guys so you guys can change it to something that you guys like. it is actually well you can say it is 'speech to them'. still can't get me? ok ok. view the pict above back. on the box, it clearly write ;

i swear i will kill you. I SWEAR!

that is the sentence that i set on the red line. just write on it and you done. simple as that. 

ok now goes to the second problem. blog like mine use new template of blogger which is a new thing provided. basically for those who use an old version of blog like simple shouldn't have any problem using the instruction but for those who are using the new one will. ok, the instruction provided says;

the problem is on the step one. first it says go to dashboard. well, my template didn't have any button to go to dashboard as this instruction. look at my blog here. just up above my blog. yeah yeah. 

we called it as navbar. well its function is just the same as home at facebook. sort off. so this is the instruction. i just make it simpler.

step 1 : Go to Design > Add Gadget > HTML / JavaScript

then the other instruction is just the same. ok this is for the newbies. you guys will see a lot of Add Gadget on your design page. well actually design is the same as layout on the instruction. well on mine, it look like this;

it might be looks different on your design depend on your choice during your first make. there are two section which write Add Gadget. you must be confuse. chillex cause just so you know actually you can choose which one do you like. but for me i tend to put it on the last section. which is on red mark. just to make it simple. so here's the way..

1. click the Add Gadget and choose HTML / JavaScript. simply just click at the 'plus' button.

then it will appear title and content box. dont write anything on the title if you doesn't want to make your blog look messy and just to make it look pretty or else the title will shown and it might make your blog a bit retard. eheh. so copy the code and transfer it on the content box. change the red sentence if you like. well you are done! dont forget to save

good luck and happy secure blog :)

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