Friday, January 7, 2011

so yeah since i already finished my school, i have a lot of free time. i didnt go to work like what my friends doing right now as my dad didnt allow me.

jadi untuk menghabiskan masa terluang  ni aku figure one interest yang dibangkitkan oleh sepupu aku that is reading a thick novel. and seriously thick novel. act im not really like novel which comes in a big size and require me lots of time to read the whole story. penat dowh. and im like fine. i try one.

so the past holiday aku habiskan masa dengan sepupu aku ke kedai buku. its good and plus pening cause terlalu banyak buku yang best habis. and kebetulan time tu ada promotion so i bought this book. sangat berbaloi. kalau you guys yang rajin beli buku ni you guys akan tahu la harga book ni. really affordable.

this book entitled 'change of heart' which written by Jodi Picoult. since i love reading a book about life so she suggest me this book as she told me that this author is the best choice ever. i wonder if you ever read about 'my sister's keeper' or even watch it movie. yes! you better have. its deep.

now on i have finished reading about three quarter of the book and yeah it does kill me. kawan aku cakap buku ni agak berat untuk dibaca. you have to think and at least have a basic about anything Jodi wrote. she wrote about  religion, what is catholic, messiah, islam, the content of bible and quran, the world law of hanging instead of lethal injection, the process of hanging somebody and a lot! but yeah this book talk a lot about Jesus. so hati kena kuat la kalau nak baca buku ni. kadang kadang buat aku terfikir jauh. heh

orang cakap kalau bahan bacaan yang menggoyahkan hati baik jangan baca. aku insyaallah tak lah. i try my best but this book actually didnt talk deeply about religion only. its a bout perspective. vision of someone else life. aku nampak orang lain punya cara hidup. aku nampak cara orang lain fikir. dan seterusnya membuatkan aku berfikir sekali. and it not only require me to think about simple thing instead a deeper one. 

maybe i cant describe fully about the story to you guys. just too much but yeah i recommend you to read it. i really wanna know about Shay Bourne. how his life ends. how June handle everything whether to accept Shay Bourne's heart or not to her only daughter left, Claire after he has killed her husband and daughter before. and totally what is really going on with Father Michael who started to change his vision towards his belief and Maggie who are an atheist.

ok dah sakit kepala. HAHA so yeah after this im gonna buy a lot of books so perhaps i can improve my English.

by the way, CLEO issue for January is damn boring. i can't wait for the next month publish.

bye clique :DD

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