Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 mulut jahat saya bercakap lagi.

OMG. its 18th of January and yeah today is the day of my friend's birthday. the person is a guy. and im like ok. fine. just go with it. i dont know why but seems that i have something going on in myself that really distracting and its all about him that i keep thinking. suck dude serious.

ok aku ni bukanlah seorang yang berat mulut nak wish dia or maybe my other friend, but yeah aku just tak boleh kalau kat mamat ni. i just can't. yeah i know its like weird. im a person yang do anything i want without thinking what others will talk about. memang seriously tak kisah. babi la aku ni. one feeling yang sangat tak seronok. -.-

HAHA i cursed myself. great thing. for real, i dont wanna share with you guys about him or even tell you guys about him. let it be secret. but still for those  who knows me well i know you guys will know who he is. like yeah..

i stalk his wall on facebook and on it like his mum asking him if he want to make a birthday party and i dont know which restaurant is that BUT i think its on my town i guess and his mum ask him if he do agree with it he need to tell his dad so his dad may arrange it because probably the owner of the restaurant is his dad's friend so he can perfectly deal with it like whatthefish and yeah he need to make a list of friend who he want to invite. grr! seriously i dont wanna go. ahah like he invite me

but whatever i really dont care. when i think of him, i get tense remembering his ego. yeah the ultimate-ego-of-a-person-call-a-guy !! and yeah that is the most important thing on a guy. just for their sake of macho. im freaking hate that!

apparently he is coming from a quiet wealthy background so beat cha can guess how ego he is, right? whatever. but yeah im like seriously wanna scream out loud just to wish him

" happy birthday dude, may you have a really annoying life! "

sorry, over exaggerate here. but still. heh. its good to spill out all the shit here. sorrylah kalau u guys like menyampah nak baca. i got to confess or else it would bother me forever.

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