Tuesday, January 18, 2011

right on im listening to you belong with me by taylor swift and it remind me with something. uhuh. its not about my love story or all the shit comes with it but its about my dad. well yeah i can say that i talk in English like 24/7 now on even with my sibling or even with my mum. but not my dad. i just love it. and somehow i feel that talking in English is even faster than talking in Bm cause there are words that if we convert it it will be even shorter. im not trying to say that i look down on my native language but yeah sort off im used to it now. i just get too possessive to improve my English to a better one than before including my grammar. tell you the truth my grammar before was damn bad. tell you.

and yeah i made this blog as my homework so someone can correct it if i do make a mistake and post it back on my inbox on Facebook. its two tasks in one time. sort.

back to my dad. when i get too into something i will do it with all my heart and that is what i do to achieve my improvement. sometimes i do mumbling alone like talking to myself in front of the mirror or even when i do occupied with something i will imagine someone interviewing me. and i will talk like so freaking proud and fast till at one point i realise that i look like an idiot. my younger sister always notice my weird habit and she always talk it up during dinner. so yeah. how annoying. it happened naturally. i think i am crazy. i also tend to listen to English radio channel like Hitz.fm or Fly.fm rather than Bm radio channel. i just think that English song are MORE catchy than Bm one. no offence but that is what i feel. but i do listen to Sinar.fm. during morning cause on that time the DJs are hilarious.

because of my obsession on this matter my dad didn't like it very much. he do mad at me and he do warned me about it. he said that it is not proper and it is annoying. not because he annoy at me like i talk annoyingly or what ever but simply because he think that i worship English language. he said that why do i have to apply English language through all of my conversation and why do i have to only listen to English song like there is no other song other than that. he is seriously mad. until now.

i do remember one day when i turn on the radio and listening to Hitz loudly and he ask me to change it to Klasik.fm. for god sake im dying on that time. heh. and he babbling and babbling till  i has pus in my ears. damn. he said that he afraid that i might apply their culture on my life. he said that they didnt have real religious and they have bad morality and bla bla bla. truely im startled and speechless. how narrow my dad is. pfft! how can i do that if i, for all my life have practice Malay culture? that wont change. he really didnt get my attention.

the point is whatever it is, i hate it when someone look down on other people especially people who are not supporting their friend when they intentionally trying to improving their life and yeah 'friend' who laugh at their own friend when their friend accidentally speak it wrongly during speaking in other language other than native one. i didnt get what i wrote =.='

well yeah. another crap i post. sheesh!

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