Thursday, January 20, 2011

im doing the form for IPTA intake for this July. who said its September huh? sheesh! so yeah i have to make a choice for 8 choices and yeah i just fill this six choices.another two i guess i'll do it after the result. heh. so yeah as you can see its all about business stuff. HAHA totally i love money act. heh. no big deal. its kinda tricky i guess. 

i plan to go to UITM and i really hope that i can get it dowh. like seriously! and yeah my cousin use to say that if i want to go to UITM i have to make all of the choices are for UITM. i have to choose it all. cause she said that UITM is like sensitive and picky. and yeah. i dont really get her at first but thats what she did on her last form.

last night i had a dream that my result is like 3A's and the others i dont remember but i have like a few C's. so not cool dowh. =.='

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