Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so yeah since i always spend most of my time on youtube serching for the tutorial that are easily make i have found one tutor which is so great and have good experience about make up. and she do good at fashion too. well yeah she is Michelle Phan and you can explore her youtube channel here. girls will love her. trust me.


this tutorial is about how to make a pore strips. it is easy and only require two ingredients which is easily get. i tend to notice that most of my friend have this problems and yeah their nose kinda grassy and rough to touch and sometimes theirs look like got something in it. and yeah its not cool though.
since im specky girl, this tutorial is for those who wear a glasses but want to make a statement. its kinda cool and easy to do.for me im not so good at foundation and stuff cause i always mess it up for putting it too much. so here the video. 


and yeah! this one is the most popular one as it is easy and giving a great impact on your face. it is smokey eyes and i always do this when i go out. in this tutorial she uses brush but im so not good at it. usually i will line my eye with eyeliner and i will do it thick and super dark. then i use my finger and blend it on. i learn that from seventeen mag. i will do it many times so then i will get the same result as the real one. its easy. just for the info, when you put on heavy make up on one side you have to make the other side lighter. so i tend to let my lips nude and only my eyes make a statement. usually i only put on lipbalm or nude gloss. so done. 

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