Monday, January 24, 2011

usually in the evening, my friends and i will hang out together. in my housing area there are a few friends that i close with since like still a kid. like Huzaimah and Aini for example. both of them i know from primary school. so yeah.

there this one evening, before Huzaimah went to National Service (PLKN) we do hang out for the last time. this is actually like a farewell meeting. just wanna wish her good luck there. and yeah i hope everything will be brilliant.

while talking and eating icecream, Huzaimah got a really nasty idea to play on Aini. Aini is a girl who really afraid of cat. like what..? i know. yeah. me too in the first place. she said... well watch the video. its worth it. in my case, i hate cat but i love kitten. but in Aini's case she afraid both. too bad for her.

i've made this one video about that day. hope you guys enjoy watching. :)

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