Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Current Mood..

now on i'm listening to justin bieber song
i don't know why it just remind me of my bf
oh god miss him a lot
yeah their voice are exactly da same
cute sangat!!
love it when he whispering to me
saying good night
really miss da moment
if i could only have one wish
i just want this great relation to be exist again!!
won't forget you,X
neway X can you sing?
blah!! haha korang tu just pendahuluan jerk.aku tak tahu nak cakap apa. haha.. cam real plak kan..? but yeah hardly to say it is. {T.T}.owh!!! last night i was in aj rafael show. wow!! i couldn't say anything about it. but yeah it was awesome when someone that we admired so much was connecting with us. i know that is da only one chance in my life. erm,just have to wait for albert time!!! when are you going to online albert? i'm waiting here.
well,i got myspace. n i have lots of friend including with my own friend together with cyber friend. so yeah. what am i going to say is that . no. it's a question. what do you think of a friend dat deleting their own friend on myspace? n they are your own friend? i mean hey!!! come on.. u meet them every single day at school then you are talking with them but then you just pretend to be someone else. WTF is going on with you? this is my oppinion. i think they are so full of themself!! snobbish,pretender, and other negative stuff that fit them.. i won't sorry for this. u deserve it.
n this incredible speech goes to my dear foes,
zuliyana and fieya
owh!! did i tell you guys that i was extremely outspoken???

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