Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great curl hair styling!!!

Hye there. I wanna share u with this awesome tips which is I find it easy n simple. Do u believe if I say that u can get such a perfect curly hair with just a paper bag AND without heat and any profesional product? As I love curly hair like Hannah have n yeah I wanna have it too but my hair just not that long.. {T.T}

It was so easy. All u need to have is just a paper bag that is a familiar stuff during airplane or any paper that is quite hard to absorb water and a little thick so we can easily use it to tie up your hair. Well,yeah it does take a longer time than usual BUT it won't damage ur hair as it does not apply any heat. Better try it !!! This is a definite choice if u are planning a sleepover at ur friend's house. It was so simple plus u can do this with ur friends n YEAH have fun with it!!! only a paper bag? u can get it too..

To make it easier, I do have upload this video for your reference. well too bad it's not me! haha.. (kidding) just watch it until the last part n u know what am I talking about.

Credit to Michelle Phan for her awesome job!!

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