Friday, September 18, 2009

my mood right now!! hell yeah..

Oh yeah! Well raya is just around the corner. Just another one day left. Yeay!!! Can't wait for that. Hmm.. Yup! Dis month I do have make a project which is for me quite interesting like I'm publishing kind of a documentary bout my Ramadhan. Haha.. My activity and so whatever.. Today,for u guys information I got fever. Damn!! But it's okeyh. Actually dis is the first time i am ill after like 3 years past. LOL!! But yeah.. Well I have been like dis for the past 2 days. That's why I'm absent. Surely teacher Khairulnisa' will be so mad at me! Forget it.

Day next after tomorrow is Eidil Fetr Day. Wow i am so excited. If I rewind it back seems like lots of things I've done during ramadhan. Like going to bazaar.. Hey,of course!! Yup. I do always go to bazaar but not that often. I am not crazy about food. Diet? I do not diet and I don't know how. Actually for all the time,I'm just going to Taiping's bazaar as my mum work in there and yeah sometime I help her at her stockist which is just beside the bazaar. Owh!! did I mention that I like that?! Yeah..
At the bazaar seems like everything I want is in there. I mean 'the food'!! For sure my dad are the most excited person about that. Haha.. Sorry dad! As usual when you go to bazaar surely and definitely you will see lots of thing like those kerepek at the picture. I am Banjawa (shortform) that is Banjar n Jawa. So every time I celebrate raya at Johor surely this food are always at the main thing . Kinda boring actually. When u go to celebrate raya at other house at Johor still they serve you with this food. duh~ Well then I don't really care because that is the unique way of celebrating raya in Johor. Huh! No worry. U still can find cookies raya..

Well,talking about cookies I have bake some during Ramadhan. I thought I can bake more for raya but it was so tiring. I can't do it. Perhaps everything I do it alone. Well I guess this year we have to buy it again. AND totally we buy it at 'bazaar'!!!

There are lots of cookies. Like this very usual cookies,ALMOND LONDON. Don't you think that name just too vogue to be the name of cookies? Well that's what I thought during the first time i know the real name of this cookies. Quite interesting actually. Well then the taste wasn't that bad. Hmm.. Lets check out some other stuff!! Veil maybe?

This is one of a thousands of veil here. Look!! Only RM10?? Quite affordable. Unluckily I am not really interested to wear this kinda of veil as it does not fit with my face. Hmm I do realise something here. I could see that every where i go there must be this 'indon' veil all along...!!! I think most of people are obsessed with this style i guess. Whatever..
If a girl have their own accesories on head,man also have it too. I mean they have 'songkok' and 'kopiah'. If those thing are not being own by them i think that there something is incomplete. Hey boy! Don't u wanna wear this during solat raya? Don't you feel weird if you didn't wear it? Hmm..
Hmm.. What else yeah? Haa!! What about 'baju melayu' and 'kain pelikat'? Man can use kain pelikat for solat raya. More sweet. I love it. Then baju melayu may make them look sweeter during raya. Of course.. Like my dad and brother always done like the past raya. I saw this one baju melayu. Pink in colour. Erm yeah RM 60 only..
Dear stalker,what do you think about a boy wearing pink stuff? I mean for me they wasn't look like 'squiddish'. No way!! I think they look cute. Gahah.. n yeah style. It's kinda trend right now. Well,what about kain pelikat? Yes!! There is.. I notice there is several brand of kain pelikat. Like Gajah Duduk,Dua Gajah and Gajah Pulus if i'm not mistaken. For sure all of the brand surely is 'Gajah'! haha IDKY..
Owh!! I forgot something. LADIES CLOTH!!!!! Gosh.. How could I forget that? Oh no.. I am so sorry.. Maybe am so excited looking up all the busana till I forgot snap one picture of them. it just that wow! the busana was a great deal.. haha maybe next year.

the end of my journey to bazaar.
It was tiring yet fun! LOL .. This bazaar situated at Taiping. (if u still remember I do have mention that during the beginning of this blog) on that time I went back home at 1.00 a.m. but still lots of people there. IDK maybe they thought the longer they stay in maybe they got cheaper price. haha.. but then i realise this one fact. If you come to bazaar during the night before raya surely all the price is cheaper,cheaper and cheaper than usual. Yessza!!! n yeah the bad thing is lots of people I mean thousand maybe,are there to shopping and everything was a bizarre and in a superb chaos. Well maybe even perhaps you couldn't walk in or out. No parking lot to park your car. Yeah!! There is another bad thing about bazaar. I get this lamest fact from my dad. This is what he said:

"i am broke!!"

Haha..That was hilarious!! Then I stop laughing because my dad stare at me sharply. Gulp!!

At this very great oppurtunity,i would love,greatly,excitedly and happily wanna wish you

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!!!

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