Friday, September 11, 2009

She's probably somebody's only light
Gotta shine tonight
She's gotta be somebody's baby tonight
I like the way she's making me feel inside
I can't deny she's beautiful
She's walking right and talking right
This girl is so fly
She's just so unbelievable
But a girl like that would be
too far outta my league
She's gotta be someone's baby
Can't be with me
She's gotta be
Oh what I get to say that
She is mine all mine
What if she's not somebody's baby?
Give me a sign
I'm hopeless, baby
Help me, baby
give me a sign
Baby I think
Crazy she's too good for me
She can never be my baby
Why can't i see
She's gotta be
Gotta be,
gotta be,
gotta be somebody's only light
gotta shine tonight (6x?)
make her mine tonight

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