Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Be shame on me.

i swear to god i'm so grateful i didnt delete this blog yet. 

this time around i will do blog as the place to express. no more twitter. i guess. haha. well so frankly, i think i just realized this. bullshit me. yeah i know. i just realized how stupid and shitty i treat people around me. like i so not care about others feeling to be true. 

what the hell is wrong with me. 

as an example, my friend, housemates especially. i treat them like im so much better than they are. seriously, i wonder how far negative i've been. this attitude is the last thing i ask for a new me to be. seriously. 

and for this one guy i've known, well, a guy, haha still. treat him like an asshole. and this one guy i've known working at petronas. still.  sigh. 

dear me, the insensitive people that you always mention on your twitter is not those people, ITS YOU!

i swear this year, of myself being 21, its the time for me to change the way i am and how i represent myself. soon executive i am. so be proper. 


  1. Ikki, just wanna say sorry fr everything. Please kayy :D

  2. Ikki, I dah selamat sampai. hehe, saja nak bagitau. And make sure you maafkan I :P


    thought no one gonna read my blog anymore.