Friday, May 3, 2013


peace be upon you.

so its already 3th May and tomorrow is 4th May means that the day which khizanat launch an event of #festivalstreetwearipoh and i think its so unfair for me for not sharing the moment of myself joining the last event which is the launch of khizanat on 17th March. eh ? if im not mistaken.

uni life really occupy me. LOL

before i start with anything else. lemme introduce to you  guys about khizanat.

khizanat is actually a 'lepak' place as you call it, art space , distro, social club plus a mini cafe which stated on it FB page, which are open for public to hang out there. cool right ? i know. its amazing how someone could possibly think to create such place cause dude thats what i want or better, i need.

other than the merchandise such as fixi, books, zine, cool clothing line, custom product, they also come out with brilliant idea of delish food such DIY homemade burger which i tell you, since i already eat it, its totally delicious. if they haven't say it homemade burger i will definitely say it is burger bakar. it was superb. not to forget their legend coffee.

one word ; perghh !

self captured. 

credit ; Khizanat FB page. 

its a little unfair if i haven't show a little glimpse about the place aite? here some.

credit ; khizanat fan page

Launch event

on that day i went khizanat with my friend aya. actually on that time it was the second time we went khizanat as in the first time the place is still not open for public yet. we purchased puisitepijalan by Fynn jamal if you remember the last post.

so here is aya.

somellll anattt. i would love you who read this call her tulang kulit. well, this is due cause she IS like that. haha

aya, forgive me :3

on that day they got lots of activities, such as

Open Mic
Makan makan at distro

and the best part for me on that time is Monoloque. 

credit; khizanat fan page 

one word, speechless :')

i am actually a big fan of Loque and hoping to see him in real but i dont even know that he will come to the event and i was like wow-ing all the time. now i know how possible JB fan crying when they get the chance to meet JB. 

i mean tsk i can't describe how happy i am on that time. 

well thanks khizanat :)

oh got the chance for him to do something regardless my vlog trademark;

as the saying goes, shaika say peace. 
you will get this if you watch my vlog. teehee. 

anyway, on that day #mpbm which is my book written with the other four writer also there. for the full name is Merpati Putih Bulan Mengambang. gotto tell you, the name is light but the content is very heavy. LOL . 

 it was there at the book cabinet. might as well if you who read this got the chance to come to khizanat search for this book ok. promote self book. wink wink. haha.. XD

got a story.

on that day after the event finished, everyone who were there straight to the book cabinet to grab for some book that they interested on. and suddenly i saw this one girl going out from the distro while holding the book.

i mean, only my book.

i don't know how to explain the feeling ya know. she just bought my book which basically i know that she aim for it and she look for it for quite some time. im happy and speechless. feels appreciated. probably if you are at my place you will get the feeling. heh.

anyway huge thanks for those who already purchased the book and kudos for those who get what has been written. haha.

im done.

i hope this post is enough to lessen my guilty feel about not going to the festival street wear ipoh tomorrow. already promised with someone but erm something even more important need to be done. if this thing smoothly achieve, god willing i will join every next event. insyaAllah.

before i forgot for the 1000th times, here is the link to KHIZANAT page.

 Rabak , keep up your good work. Im here always support you guys :D